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Contribute a case study idea

Have you been involved in an urban reform initiative that isn’t yet featured in our database? Let us know! We have lots of ears to the ground but are always keen to hear about urban reform efforts that might have passed us by.


Here is our (evolving) criteria for case study subjects:

  1. Can it be described as an initiative? The case study focus can be framed as a discrete, implemented initiative – or project, process, programme, policy, etc. It can be owned by any agency or group of actors (not limited to the government).
  2. Is it relevant to ACRC? The initiative covers one or more ACRC cities, fits under one or more of the ACRC domains or informs work around ongoing action research projects.
  3. Is it recent? The project was active in the past ten years, or is ongoing.
  4. Has there been some degree of success? The initiative has gone some way towards achieving its objectives and meeting the needs of its target population – although there is room to describe lessons from challenges and failures, too.
  5. Is there sufficient transparency? The initiative and its impacts can be publicly discussed and verified (without implying endorsement by ACRC). Ideally, further reading is available in the public domain that we can direct people towards.
  6. Is there potential for learning? The project presents a learning opportunity consistent with ACRC’s theory of change and conceptual framework. In other words, it: involves organised citizens, reform coalitions, engaging political elites and building new capabilities (state or non-state); is concerned with improving deficient city systems and addressing political blockages

Contribute by authoring or co-authoring

Along with case study suggestions, we also welcome written contributions. If you are interested in authoring or co-authoring a 1–3,000 word case study, you will be provided with a Word template, editorial support (email and/or calls), internal ACRC peer review and a final copy-edit.

Get in touch or download the template

Join the conversation

We don’t just want this database to be a platform for sharing valuable urban reform lessons – we want it to spark conversations around how things can be done better. That means we want to hear from you!

You can use the comment feature on individual case study pages to ask questions, talk about cross-learning potential, share what you found interesting and let us know if you’re aware of other similar initiatives that we should know about.

Ultimately, we’re looking for constructive feedback that adds to our growing evidence base around how urban reform happens.

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